• Freeze Dried Krills for Koi

    1KG ( 2.2 lbs) Freeze Dried Krills for Koi

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    Krill are small (25 mm) shrimp-like members of the class Crustacea. They are cold water marine organisms harvested primarily from Arctic and Antarctic waters. Krill contains high amounts of omega-3’s ( about 40% of the total amount of essential fatty acid found in krill). Rich in methionine,lysine, and amino acids that the fish cannot produce themselves.

    The species Euphasia pacifica is found off the western coast of North America. Krill are planktonic and feed on rich algae and zooplankton. As a result, Krill are extremely nutritious when fed as part of an aquaculture diet.

    Feed Koi with Krill, can enhance the beni, body, and fast growth


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    Ingredients: Krill
    Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein Min 65%
    Crude Fat Min 7%
    Crude Fiber Max 3%
    Moisture Max 5%

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    Weight 1 lbs


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