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    Wawiz Veo Silver




    VEO Silver 150 gram 

    Probiotic for Water Solution

    FORMULATION: Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus licheniformis, Bacillus SPP, Streptomyces dicklowii, Nitrosomonas, Nitrobacter, Thiobacillus, VEO.


    •  Clean water due to the decomposition of organic waste and leftovers.

    •   Promote the growth of fish, provide beneficial microorganisms.

    • Balance the pH, reducing toxic gas (H2S, NH3 & NO2).

    Inhibit harmful bacteria like (E.Coli & Vibrio …), control algae.


            Scatter evenly probiotics into the filter system or put directly 2g/10m3 of water


    • Avoid moisture and direct sunlight

    • Far from the reach of children

    • Store in a Dry Place

    My name is Zachary, I’m selling this amazing products Wawiz VEO beneficial products, I have been using, testing this product for a year now, it really improves my water quality even I have heavy stock , it really makes water crystal clear, sparkle, prevent green, koi healthier and more active. This Wawiz really an amazing product it . if you need free samples please email me at toriikoifarm@gmail.com. Thank you

    Additional information

    Weight 0.5 lbs
    Dimensions 10 x 10 x 10 in


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