We pack your Koi fish with Love and Care.

We pack your Koi fish in a triple corrugated box with a box liner, two 4mm poly bags, pure oxygen, and use multiple Japanese rubber bands. Depending on the temperature we will use ice packs to keep the Koi fish cool. The boxes are heavily labeled with with live fish, arrows up and company labels.

Koi fish are shipped Monday – Thursday.

We ship the Koi within 5 days of receiving an order to prepare them for shipping. This will greatly reduce the impact of water quality in transit and will keep your Koi healthy

We offer two ways of shipping

FedEx Overnight – Still fast and delivered to your doorstep. Koi shipped FedEx are guaranteed to arrive the following day by 10:30 am.
Delta Airlines – Faster, Safer but has to be picked up at airport. This is the best method of receiving your Koi fish fastest and with it being in a box the least amount of time.


Minimum order for Airport pickup is $2500



Guarantee of life:

We offer a guarantee for loss of life of Koi fish during shipment. If your Koi fish arrives deceased or excessive damaged from the shipment process we require a photo immediately.

While we do everything we can to minimize the stress and damage of travel of our Koi, we understand that accidents do happen. At Torii Koi Farm we carefully follow a health and maintenance protocol to further insure Koi health. Prior to your purchase or any Koi shipment your Koi has been examined to assure it is healthy before it leaves our facility. Once the Koi have been removed from the water that they were packed in and introduced to their new environment the Koi become the customer’s responsibility.

FedEx Deceased Koi:

If the Koi fish was shipped FedEx and arrives deceased the customer must submit a claim with FedEx immediately, the tail must be removed before picture is taken to insure proof of death. By ordering a Koi from Torii Koi Farm you agree to send notice within three hours of the arrival of your new Koi.

If Koi is shipped FedEx it must be accepted on first delivery attempt.

FedEx Excessive Damaged Koi:

If the Koi fish was shipped and arrives with excessive damaged “this does not include stress from shipping” the customer must submit a claim with FedEx. Pictures with description of injuries and shipping package must be sent immediately to us so we can determine best course of action for treatment.

Replacement or Store Credit:

In the case your Koi fish arrives deceased upon opening of package Torii Koi Farm will replace the deceased Koi fish for another Koi fish of equal or lesser value of your choosing. If a replacement Koi fish cannot be chosen then store credit for the deceased Koi fish will be issued.

If Koi is shipped via FedEx and you fail to file a claim with FedEx for damages or death within 5 hours of delivery you forfeit the possibility of refund by Torii Koi Farm

If you fail to confirm the arrival of your Koi within 3 hours of delivery, all liabilities or damages will be forfeited.

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